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Living the Dream at Vijana Corps

By Jackline Nakato - Feb 14, 2020

I now understand when the English man says there is often light at the end of the tunnel, except that in my case, that light was blinding. It was a pleasant call that morning. The lady on the other end gently delivered the excitement; "I am Annet,"! she said, "from Vijana Corps and is it possible to come in on Saturday for a chat with the team leader on a possible job offer?" The day approached fast and there I was before the Team Leader and the Program Officer for our chat, which in fact was an interview. Through it all, my excitement was evident, this could be the big break I have so fervently prayed for. As God had it, the opportunity was mine and I joined the team of brilliant young minds whose cause is to empower the last mile youth to be seen and heard. What a great cause and to become part of it-awakening The team warmly welcomed me, taking me through the Vision, Mission, Values and the Objectives of the organization. I was introduced to the staff-happy, caring, fun-loving, humble, brilliant and dynamic individuals. Our welcome was crowned with a beginning of year dinner at Javas Cafe. I have never seen this done anywhere. Does it happen in all workplaces? Week one charged me up while reading about the work Vijana Corps has done in the previous years: The Viewfinder, HerVoice, Digital and Multimedia Lab workshops etc My attention was drawn to a short film "the Activist" which was a capstone to the digital and multimedia lab workshop carried out among the last mile youth in West Nile region. The film tells a compelling story of a young girl who takes on the world to fight early marriage and advocate for the education of the girl child. This is a journey I want to be part of. At VC, we believe "Nothing kills poverty and injustice like literacy." The hub has a well-stocked library on any topic under the sun. I spent my first-week reading book titles in amazement of the possibility of learning as much as I wanted. Here, I was standing in wealth unimaginable. I was also introduced to what my role is at the Centre would be ie to critically think and to contribute, developing new and innovative ideas and solutions to contemporary problems, then integrating such innovations in all VC programmatic areas. Interesting isn't it? My role was tailor-made to build my capacity and give me an opportunity to explore the world. I will have a chance to visit new regions and meet new people. I am thrilled. This is only the beginning. Catch me if you can!