Our Pillars

Program Pillars

1. Digital and Media Literacy: Increasing access to relevant and timely information, creating and supporting platforms that give youth a face and a voice in the struggle for social justice and a holistic citizenry.

2. Livelihood and Entrepreneurship: Securing economic empowerment for youth in Uganda by equipping them for the job market through skills training, capstone-based experience placements, startup support and incentives including but not limited to opportunities for interest free startup loans.

3. Participatory Leadership: Young people are the majority of Uganda's population. They are also the poorest and most marginalized in government planning and policy formulation processes. This pillar is constructed under the "Nothing about us with us" philosophy. Vijana Corps will work with all stakeholders including government to equip the youth to better understand governance, accountability and power relations between the duty bearer and the citizens. Vijana will build a corps of responsible youth by seasoning them in participatory leadership training to build their moral imaginations and organizational capabilities.