Amongin Mary Caroline
Accounts & Administrative Assistant
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About Amongin Mary Caroline

If you’ve been to our offices in Mukono, then you’ve probably met this charming lady, Outside office, Carol, as she prefers to be called, brings energy and vibrancy to the Mukono Youth Hub. Serving at the Accounts and Admin desk, you wouldn’t easily tell that this is a numbers person as she will engage you on any topic at any time. Though she is an Accountant by training, outside of her work at Vijana Corps, Carol is also a talented Actress and a Model. Read Carol’s blog below as she recounts how she joined Vijana Corps and how this experience is going for her.
Mary's Blog

My first experience at Vijana Corps

The day I heard of Vijana Corps started like any other. Work at the boutique was tiring and demanding. That day, in December 2019, a peculiar gentle man dived into the boutique with an ocean of que...
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