About Okecha Yotham

My name is Okecha Yotham, a security Officer at Vijana Corps Pakwach Youth Hub. My duties are ensuring safety and security for Vijana Corps Assets, staffs and visitors that comes to the Youth Hub. I am so passionate about this work because I have been doing it for long and it keeps me busy all the time. Since the Youth Hub also has other resources like books, I use my free times to read and learn about new things. In that way, I find useful information on how I can relate with people around me both when I am in office or in the community. I work hard every day because my purpose is to provide for my family and have a better future and improve standard of living. When I am not at work, I keep company of good friends and play football with my village football team. My most used English word is Go and Can is my mostly used word in local language.
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