About Okura Einstein Oyanga

I am Okura Einstein Oyanga, an Alur from Nebbi. My role at vijana is to programme, develop, implement advocacy for partnership development, coordinate and network with the youths to work in the programme areas, as well as providing support to the Program Officer and the team members. I am passionate about my work because it keeps me busy, and it is making me learn a lot on how to deal with different types of people in the community and am going to get experience at different levels as we move on with work. I chose this line of work because I like dealing with the youths. What keeps me connected to my community is that, I stay with them in the same village, and the nature of my work mostly is involved with community engagements. I believe that my purpose in life is to work hard to bring change in the life of different people that I will engage myself with, for example; children, old aged, adolescents, people with disabilities. With that, I hope lives can be transformed. I have been doing voluntary work and as well as carrying small meeting with youths in my community advising them to plant vegetables like tomatoes to earn some money. I also encouraged the youths to embark on team work. During my free time, I like reading inspirational books and novels, playing football, preparing meals, visiting and making new friends. My most used English word is Hello and in local language is Jal
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