About Afoyorwoth Dinah

I am Afoyorwoth Dinah. I am responsible for programme development and implementation, advocacy and partnership development, coordinating and networking of the youth work in the programme area, as well as provide support to program officer and team members at Vijana Corps. I am so passionate about the work because, I am a dynamic individual with a zeal for both personal and community developments with high flexibility, compliant and with a strong desire to learn and serve. I chose this line of work to be able to master my career and implement it to the world through professional competence, honesty and transparency to improve, add value and equality to my work and enhance a just society. The social interaction, flexibility in adapting to situation and the creativity and innovation skills I have keeps me always connected to the community. I believe my purpose in life is to be part of a community that embraces development and values creativity in difficult challenging task with aim of perfecting developmental skills in the community. Over the past years, I have been involved in working with the organizations that seek to promote the participation of youths and community towards the development in areas of entrepreneurship and livelihood activates. I participated in the different trainings of the youth in gaining more skills and knowledge of how I can achieve my purpose of life. My hobbies among others include; learning new things, travelling, making friends watching films (series) and reading Bible. My most used word in English is commitment. And my most used word in the local language is Dikiri.
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